【BTP】2017, New Journey, New Start


With time rapidly passing by, here comes the year of 2017.

BTP wish you all:

Happy new year!

New year, new start and new journey!

Half of the winter holiday has already passed by. Let’s see what the BTPers used this precious time to do.

Into Miracle (Inner Mongolia)

20th December 2016, four group leaders from BTP Into Miracle Project Group began their journey to Inner Mongolia. After assembling in Hohhot, we headed to Bayannur to meet with the partner which we have kept contact with for years. The enthusiasm and support from our partner makes us grateful. One educator once said, “it is very likely that one class of yours will change their lives forever.” This makes us understand the meaning of our endeavor as well as our responsibility. Besides, we also learned some weaknesses exposed before. All these suggestions support the construction of the new project group, as well as provide the direction for our next year’s training.


Group Leaders preparing for the classes

Up to now we have already finished our rehearsal and study in a planned elementary school. Group leaders delivered classes about physiology, art and etc. The smiles and hugs from the students are the priceless rewards. When we first came, children all surrounded the “old volunteer” Teacher Sun, which really makes others “jealous”, and when we left, we have already grew too familiar with them that we hated the idea to let go of their warm little hands.


Children and Teacher Sun


Beautiful students and beautiful group leaders


Earth teacher and his fans

After this experience, we finally transformed from talkers to doers. The friendship and understanding between the four group leaders also grew stronger and stronger. From the support from all our partners, to care from the hospitable Mongolians, to the smile of the children, they all make us more confident, more determined, and more energetic.



Yonder Narnia (Yunnan)

2000 miles, from airplane to bus to rented car, from Hong Kong to Ninglang, we saw the diversity of the landscape along the way.


Look out of the windows, there are mountains and mountains. This makes us drift into deep thoughts: what do the mountains mean? The barrier between the children and the outside world? Or the invisible poverty?

Then what are we? The outside world in the eyes of the children? The sunshine that brings them the hope?

In the week we were there, we went four schools. Although the time we spent there were very short, we obtained many beautiful memories. The innocent smiles on the children’s faces, the enthusiasm of theirs when they answered the questions, the eager when they held us and hoped we could stay…. All of these have become the most precious memories at the bottom of our hearts.


Remember the night, under the sky full of the stars, the children and we sang one song after another in the wind on the playground. That was the most beautiful sky we have ever seen, not only because of the stars, but also because of the little angels as beautiful and shining as the stars.


Hello Neverland (Hainan)


BTP Hello Neverland Project Group headed to Hainan on 18th December, and taught in the school from 19th to 23rd, then left Hainan on 24th. Three group leaders and three volunteers participated in the volunteering teaching.



The aim of the project is to broaden the eyesight of the children, therefore the design of the classes is mostly about creative topics. In spite of the traditional physiology classes, the group members of the Hello Neverland Project Group also took the interesting science class, music class, time management class and career experience class to the students.


The winter project is also a rehearsal of the summer project. In the progress, we found out many problems and did the evaluation, as well as came out of some solutions. Meanwhile, we learned more about the school and its environment. The results will be showed in the project report.


Having read about all this events, are you moved now?

And do you feel the warmth given out from the children’s big smiles during such cold winter?

Or moved by the efforts consistantly given by the leaders?

In Inner Mongolia where snow spreads on the grass,

or in Sichuan Province where a single boat travels amid the endless mountains,

or in Yunnan Province where numerous stars shining in the sky,

or in Hangkong where you find the novelty of the highly developed city,

or in Hainan Province where you share you happiness with both the children and the nature,

or in Africa where you enjoy the freedom and wildness of the great grassland…

Let’s bring the colorful knowledge to more children and show them the outer world.

Let’s begin our new journey and become a better one.

So, come and join us, in the new hopeful year!

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