Application for BTP 2017 Summer Volunteers Starts Now!


What to do in the best years of our life?

How about joining the BTP and making volunteering counts?

We are ordinary people,

but we can make the world a better place.

In the summer of 2017,

BTP sincerely invites you to join us in the journey!

Brief Introduction of the 2017 summer project

Five project groups are recruiting summer volunteers right now, and they will respectively head to Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia of Mainland China and Ghana, Africa to provide their service.

In addition, Home Kong Project Group is now recruiting project leaders for the OH project, and the leaders will organize meaningful events during the semester.

BTP welcomes you all to join and enjoy the summer as we volunteer together to serve the society.



Please fill in the application form in the following link:

Application deadline: February 5th 11:59 pm.


Time:19:30 23rd January 2017

Venue:kkl 102

Interview Arrangement

Interview time:January 25th – May 6th (approximately)

Note: The interview may be conducted in one round or two round. For those who are not in Hong Kong during the time of interview, BTP will use video talk to interview.

Requirements for the Volunteers

Who we are recruiting?

Anyone is or elder than 18 years old, keen to serve as a volunteer, creative, hard-working, as well as willing to make himself or herself a better person.

Basic Requirements:

1. Healthy and hard-working

2. Enthusiastic about volunteering, kind-hearted, patient, willing to help the local children.

3. Good ability in communicating

4. Good cooperative spirit

Language requirements:

1. For projects in Mainland China, volunteers should be able to use fluent Mandarin to communicate and teach, also should be able to read simplified Chinese characters.

2. Africa projects requires the volunteers to be able to use fluent English to communicate and teach, and also to be able to get used to the local English accent quickly.

Special requirements from the project groups:

Hello Neverland: No special requirements.

Inner Mongolia: Those who have participated in summer or winter camp / have experience in teaching is preferred.


1. Be willing to accept harsh volunteer environment (eg. poor-condition restrooms)

2. Be able to use Mandarin to communicate.

Go 2 Africa: Can adapt to the environment rapidly, have the team spirit and use fluent English.

Yonder Narnia: No special requirements.

Home Kong: Be able to accept different cultures and use fluent English.

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