About us

Beyond the Pivot (BTP) is a registered charity (Hong Kong Charity IR File No. 91/10725) founded by students from the University of Hong Kong. Its work is carried out by 33 current committee members and it has recruited around five hundred volunteers so far. Since its establishment in March 2009, BTP has launched six independent projects located in Ghana Africa, Hainan, Hong Kong, Sichuan, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia respectively.

Our vision is to think beyond, to act beyond, that is, in other words, to bring changes in the world by acting with the spirit of volunteers. We aim at cultivating our participants and volunteers with social responsibility and global citizenship by establishing a platform for them to serve the community. BTP has a commitment to address issues related to local education, poverty, healthcare, information and technology and cultural preservation in underdeveloped regions.

We are constantly seeking to offer assistance to people based on need, improve the living condition of target regions, create more opportunities for university students to join social service and to encourage the inter-cultural exchanges among diverse regions as well. Moreover, we are dedicated to spread the importance of social service by holding exhibitions which displays each and every project analytical report. The six long-term social service programmes held by BTP have gained remarkable achievement. Specifically, the Africa team met the vice-president of Ghana and the Hainan and Sichuan teams’ voluntary work was the headline of local newspaper. In addition, BTP was selected as one of the organizations under “Student Organization Incubation Scheme” of HKU. Furthermore, all six projects have gained the financial support from HKU Service 100 Fund.

With volunteering teaching of school subjects and conducting extra-curricular activities as our core elements in all six projects, we are dedicated to the pursuit of innovation. In response to needs of the target groups, we introduce a number of special programmes and activities in some of the social service projects including Ghana, Yunnan and Hong Kong projects.

Aside from the regular summer social service programmes, BTP work collaboratively with other NGOs to hold different experiential activities Struggle for Survival and Dialogue in the Dark.



From left to right:

Hu Xiaoye, BEcon&Fina, HKU(Graduated)

Wang Huanhuan,BBA(IS), HKU(Graduated)

Yang Xi, LLB, HKU(Graduated)

Zhang Wanying,BEcon&Fina, HKU(Graduated)